Exclusive Operation: Q) How Fast Is TAG Heuer Mikrotimer? A) Really, Really, Very Quickly

Do you think you know the quick timing? We have shown Zenith’s amazing one-tenth (1/10th of a second), FP Journe’s percentile (1/100 sec…a kind) and TAG’s own Mikrograph (1/1) 100 seconds), but there is no close to the TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Replica Flight 1000 Concept Table, this is a HODINKEE company that made its debut in Basel.

Mikrotimer’s measured value is as high as 1/1000 second. Its caliber is very large. To let you know how fast and powerful this caliber is, Zenith El Primero (what label is called Caliber 36) runs at 5 Hz. The 1/100 second mark of the Mikograph runs at 50hz. Best Mikrotimer Replica runs at 500 Hz. So this means that the speed of this calibre is 500 rpm! In other words, El Primero runs at 36,000 times per hour, Mikrograph runs at 360,000 times per hour, and Fake Mikrotimer Watches runs at an hourly rate. 3.6 million times. It sounds pretty fast, isn’t it? If you look at the video above, you will find it. It’s so fast that it’s hard to see its hands move!

Although Mikrotimer Replica Watches is still under development, we can’t help but applaud the limitations of its high-end R&D department. Like the Monaco V4 (we showed you a unique steel prototype on Friday), the Mikrograph, and the most certain Mikrograph, will help shape the future of mechanical watches. Of course, the average label you see on the street may be driven by something on the shelf, but label manufacturing is producing some of the world’s most impressive calibers.