Jean-Claude Biver tells us about his understanding of smart watches, as we are waiting for the new TAG Heuer connection module watch in March

TAG Heuer will launch its second smartwatch next month. There is some speculation about this, and I can now confirm that it will happen on March 14, 2017. On the eve of the upcoming launch of the Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches networking module, I talked with TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver about his overall understanding of smart watches and expectations for upcoming watches. The new product, called the TAG Heuer Connected module, will provide an outdated approach to technology. First of all, some background.

In November 2015, TAG Heuer launched its first TAG Heuer Carrera Connected, the first smart watch product from TAG Heuer Replica Watches. At the time, it was probably my favorite smart watch because of its style, comfortable design, always on the screen, and it was running a stable operating system using Google Android Wear. As a traditional Swiss watch manufacturer, TAG Heuer is not only criticized by colleagues because the products they release (for some people) seem to be a threat to traditional machinery or at least analog watches, but it It is also not suitable for use with electronic products.

Now, about a year and a half later, TAG Heuer will learn from the experience of Heuer Carrera. Before the release of watch tradeshow Baselworld in 2017, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer will release its sequel, TAG Heuer Helmet Smart Watch ( TAG Heuer Connected module smartwatch). The Carrera connect watch was the first major product released by Jean-Claude Biver at Fake TAG Heuer Watches. It was one of the new interim-CEOs of the new product. No one really expected him to release a smart watch.

I remember a few years ago, when Apple released the Apple Watch, let Jean-Claude listen to him. This time, he publicly declared that he did not think that Apple Watch represents the needs of a traditional watch wearer. He also personally admitted that he is interested in this technology, but will not wear the first generation Apple Watch, may not be the second generation, but may be the third generation.

Jean-Claude Biver is an excellent CEO of the watch brand because he likes watches. But given the novelty of smart watches, he has little or no personal experience to help him decide what is a good smart watch. Today’s traditional watch designers benefit from the fact that the watch industry is mature and has ready-made experience in aesthetics, ergonomics and production technology.

For smart watches, even when TAG Heuer Replica released their second smartwatch product, Biver claimed to be a “Stone Age product.” “It’s not wrong with the watch industry’s hundreds of years of experience in making traditional watches.” Even so, even if Beaver is a new product, he can understand the emotions consumers want when they want them. With these tools, he always seems to have an advantage over his colleagues.

Despite the original design of the TAG Heuer Carrera, the sales of TAG Heuer Carrera connected watches exceeded expectations, forcing Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches to rush to produce more products. Biver said bluntly (at the time) that he did not necessarily have high expectations for connected devices, and he would not be surprised if it did not sell successfully. This is the most humble state of Jean-Claude Beaver, who admits that he does not have enough experience to predict the success of the TAG Heuer smart watch. However, the original networking product was a joint product designed by TAG Heuer, Intel and Google. Beaver knows when Howard can’t single-handedly fight for help from companies that he knows are important to the success of the product. He continued to pay great tribute to Intel’s help on this project.

For the TAG Heuer networking module, TAG Heuer will still rely on the Android Wear operating system (although it is a newer version), but Beaver now claims that the watch is completely designed and developed internally. Of course, this means that production may be helped by a range of important third-party vendors. Having said that, TAG Heuer now claims to have a dedicated assembly line in Switzerland to produce smart watches. This shows that the Swiss watch industry is increasingly concerned about the look and feel of smart watches – this can be a very good thing in terms of product design and wearing experience.

The Heuer Connected module’s label adds the “modular” part to the smart watch – people now want to know what it means. Some people have correctly thought about the meaning of “modularity”, that is, the strap and the outer box will be separated from the movable inner box. The concept is that modules can be exchanged, offer different functions, and even provide a mechanical module in addition to the smart watch module. If so, the tag Heuer connection module might be similar to the Halda space discovery table (comments here).

The challenge of TAG Heuer is that traditional watch manufacturers are responsible for releasing products that are suitable for the brand’s family, as well as promoting the core values ​​of the brand – like the Swiss watch industry, an eternal natural observation that celebrates tradition. This may be interpreted as contrary to concerns about technology products that are not related to eternity and encourage consumers to upgrade regularly. Therefore, for Howard, it is important to fight against a predictable recession.

When they released the original label related to Heuer Carrera, they did not forget the concept. Owners of original connected watches can trade their timers starting two years from the original purchase date and removing the TAG Heuer and then no longer advanced electronic hardware and replacing it with the traditional mechanical watch core for about $1,500 – the idea of ​​temporary correlation is that Your product can be transformed into something more eternal.

Due to the TAG Heuer networking module, the company seems to be adopting the same concept, but its form may be more refined. It’s not clear how it will work, but my understanding is that the TAG Heuer connection module will provide the core ability to replace the entire watch, as well as the core traditional watch that can flip the face, while the smartwatch electronic screen. This approach will allow the TAG Heuer label to add more production details to the external case, while at the same time being able to come up with a more expensive initial purchase value proposition.

Jean-Claude seems to suggest in the interview below that the TAG Heuer networking module has a flipped case – one is a more traditional dial and the other is a smart watch. Therefore, this watch already has two modules – the wearer can flip it over and see what they want now. Even at TAG Heuer, this idea is not unprecedented. As early as 2003, the brand released the TAG Heuer Monaco 69 watch, a double-sided watch with a traditional analog dial on one side and a digital dial on the other.

The TAG Heuer connection module is entirely possible to emulate TAG Heuer and introduce a more modern TAG Heuer watch, which is what TAG Heuer looked like 69 years ago. As I said, consumers of TAG Heuer networking modules are also likely to exchange old electronic products with the most modern electronic products that TAG Heuer provides separately.