TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 all black matte ceramic watch, the price is CHF7,000

The Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches Carrera-01 all-black matte ceramic watch is a new product in 2017 and the latest addition to the ever-expanding TAG Heuer Carrera-01 watch series. Not only the watch and its pricing, but also the timing and method of the announcement are very interesting, so let’s take a look at the “dumb black” shell of this new product.

This new model, available in a rubber band or more, in a complete ceramic bracelet, will make it official for the first time in 2017 “Geneva to see fairness” – this is not to be confused with the Geneva watch program called SIHH, but an independent The incident took place at about the same time in January, but on board the ship, docked at the Beau-Rivage Palace on the outskirts of Geneva. While the non-SIHH brand has been showing its own hotel suites in downtown Geneva for many years, as retailers and media members from around the world travel to participate in SIHH, this year they are significantly accelerating to get as much attention as possible.

So we got a pretty impressive new product with the TAG Heuer Replica Watches Carrera Heuer-01 all black matte ceramic – I really hope that the name is a little easier to roll off the tongue, but ok. While ceramic watches have been around for a long time now largely due to radar watches and several other people, we have seen this highly scratch-resistant (but not shock-proof) material life in the Renaissance due to recent new versions like ωDSotM , Land Rover Zenith, and even new ceramic apples to see.

TAG Heuer Replica called Carrera Heuer-01 “the brand’s current best-selling product”, so it’s no surprise that they are constantly introducing newer products. It must be pointed out that a complete ceramic model is not what we often see – or not at all. The case, bezel, lugs and strap are made of black ceramic with a micro-spray finish, all wrapped in a stainless steel core. Steel cores exist because ceramics do not allow the precise assembly of screws, washers and threaded parts like steel. The back cover, just to add a little fun, is in the satin black titanium carbide, but of course, a transparent sapphire crystal in the center.

Add all these “all black” fanatics, you guessed it, and the “all black” ceramic bracelet, its h-shaped link and matte finish, you will see Jean-Claude Biver’s “all black” The latest chapter of the concept is presented to you. This seems to be a successful formula, and it is commendable that making the entire product from ceramics is technically more impressive than coating steel case and bracelet with PVD or DLC.

The case is a 45mm wide variant of the heur -01 – a recent version of about 43mm has been released. Inside the huge chassis is the heur -01 movement with a column wheel timing mechanism, automatic winding and a 50-hour power reserve. For a complete overview of all technical specifications, wear resistance and features, check out my comments on the original Fake TAG Heuer Watches Carrera Heuer-01.

Despite the new materials and overall design, Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches has made this new product relatively competitive. There are two variants, the label Heuer Carrera heue -01 full black Matt ceramic reference CAR2A91. The BH0742 with the complete ceramic bracelet will be priced at 7,000 Swiss francs, while the reference CAR2A91. The FT6071’s rubber strap retails at 5,000 Swiss francs.