TAG Heuer Carrera ‘Têtede Vipère’ Chronograph Tourbillon

Over the past 10 years and a half, the cost of luxury watches has been rising slowly and unstoppablely, but recently there have been some subversive pricing strategies. For example, Montblanc launched a “steel perpetual calendar” in 2014 that sells for only $12,800 (of course, “just” is relative, and $130,000 is undoubtedly a job for us. For people, this is a lot of trouble, but you still know it.) This year, Longines launched a calendar with annual revenue of less than $3,000. In 2016, Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches launched the Carrera Heuer 02T, a tourbillon timer that costs $15,950, which is very frankly stated by Patry Philippe’s Thierry Stern. “This is for me. A joke…” If they are willing to try to stifle the quality of Swiss products, I think their approach is good.

Like in some ways it may be caused by anger, however, the competition will have traditionally very expensive complications with lower and lower prices indeed making an interesting point that gives adequate economies of scale, and with modern manufacturing techniques, It can produce work, a reliable version of the traditionally extremely expensive complications – even shocking – with surprisingly low prices. You give up time-consuming manual completion, of course, you expect lower case complexity and dial quality, but at the current price of crafting superb (for example) three big (or four if you want Lange This alternative approach means that quite a few people can get into high complications today, impossible people five years ago.

In any case, the Tourbillon timer seems to stay here (although the price has risen to $17,000, I noticed; still low! Low! Price! According to modern standards, fine watchmaking. This year, TAG Heuer Replica Watches launched a A new version of the watch, which is a way to sweeten people, is not just a COSC cert for any ole’s factory; instead, these watches will be certified by an observatory in Besançon, France, from Switzerland. Jura’s northern border is not far.

Besancon once had a thriving watchmaking industry. At its peak, it employed more than 20,000 workers; now, only about 1,500 people work there in the watch industry. This is due to the quartz crisis. The most obvious is that In 1975. The observatories there, such as the Kew Observatory in the United Kingdom, and Geneva, are engaged in the chronometer’s certification work. This is still the case occasionally. The certification mark of the Besancon Observatory is still, the so-called Vipere, the head of Viper. In 1897, Besancon certified its first astronomical clock, a maritime astronomical clock, but withdrew from the industry in the 1970s; however, in 2006 it began to receive watch certifications. About 500 Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches were recognized as timers.

If you are not interested in the original design of 2016 – no matter how much interest you are in price – then Tete de Vipere is unlikely to change your mind; an open dial, ceramic bezela and case-case sports timer And tourbillon (of course, there is a bit of internal baseball timetable certification) does not call everyone on the roof to look at the table.

However, I would definitely say that on ceramics, I was very impressed with this implementation – the box is sharp, and the dial, although the design may arouse your anger, but it is as clean as a whistle. The wrist looks very fancy; an abnormal watch attracts me but another version of this year with Fake TAG Heuer Watches – much-argued-over Bamford Monaco, I like the cutting arm more than I think, I think Besancon The association is tidy. The test procedure sounds more or less the same as COSC; 16 days in Besancon and 15 in COSC (an astronomical clock is an astronomical clock), but why not a small terroir avec votre chronometre, n’s -ce pas?