Tag Heuer Chronograph Replica Watch Hands-On

The large watch has a slick look to it and a bullhead style layout with the crown and pushers on top. The case is likely finely machined steel, with an evolved look based on the watches that came before it. The rapid development of such timepieces likely hints to future Tag Heuer watch designs of models we have yet to see. Tag Heuer’s bread and butter is lower-end entry level luxury Chronograph watches but their high-end watches have caused quite a stir over the last few years. The first of which was the famous Monaco V4.

On the wrist the Mikrogirder is big but fun looking. The dial is deceptively simple given what it does. Reading it is another story as it requires some math. Seriously. Mr. Babin himself explains it in the video that I recommend you watch to see this little guy in fast action. The mechanical automatic movement tells the time and has a chronograph that measures 5/10,000 of a second. The chronograph operates at 1000 hertz. A standard mechanical watch operates at 4 hertz. Swiss Tag Heuer Replica Watches are in a different territory of speed, but we are talking machines here, not electronics.

To measure the intensely quick speeds the chronograph needed to ditch the traditional balance spring escapement system. The new system is more like a violin. Yea. String instruments work because strings move at specific frequencies. The size of the string and speed of the movement determines the sounds. A violin works because one string caresses another to create a vibration. The same system is used in the Mikrogirder, but Tag Heuer uses metal “blades.” They are seen through an opening in the dial and can be viewed vibrating quickly when the Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches chronograph is in operation. I don’t claim to fully understand the system, but it works. The blade vibrates at 7.2 million times per an hour.

I would love to wear a watch like this and measure silly little things like people sneezing or how long it takes for me to actually respond with my fingers to starting and stopping stuff. When it comes down to it all of this super precise measuring is made limp by the response time it takes for mental decisions to translate into manual actions. Make a Fake Tag Heuer  Watch chronograph that is mind controlled and then you are talking cool stuff.

You can’t help but applaud with eager hands how interesting this technology is. Tag Heuer didn’t do it for profit but rather for fun and branding. It makes all of their stuff look good and maybe, just maybe some of this technology will make it into mainstream watches in the future.