TAG Heuer Will Showcase Five Special Edition Watches At The Goodwood Speed Show

For those who follow the fate of leading brand watches in the new century, it will be clear why well-known brands – in some way – must be loyal to their roots. This not only enables the brand to create a streamlined and completely consistent collection over time, it also makes our job to be more simple to watch fans. This means we can see the development of a brand without having to stroll through their career path, or to filter the catalogue for failed experiments. Keep it simple; keep the room tidy. Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches knows what they are good at, and they go back to the Goodwood Festival with speed and dedication to five watches.

From Thursday, June 25th to Sunday, June 28th, the annual Goodwood Speed ​​Festival will see five new debuts, typical TAG Heuer watches. The importance of the number of new versions has no doubt been with this is the fifth year, TAG Heuer Replica Watches as the official partner of the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival. Covering this exciting release, we will travel to the South of England to visit the TAG Heuer stand event, we will check the watch and return to the actual coverage. Now, just in case you are near this weekend, consider attending the event, we not only have to sum up some key details of the watch, but the car festival itself.

TAG Heuer’s and respected association cars put pedals with these newly added metals. This week, we will see two new Carrera releases with 16 diapers, two new Senna versions based on the permanently popular Formula One model, and the McLaren Limited Edition.

There will be two new TAG Heuer Carrera caliber 16 chronograph Senna watches available (see above). Designed with DLC coated titanium or stainless steel. They are all 44 mm wide and feature style elements are consistent with the range. Senna’s signature “S” logo is decorated at 3 o’clock. The DLC variant is a rubber band “face”, while the stainless steel version features a “legendary” bracelet. Steel TAG Hea Carrera is priced at £3,150; the DLC-coated titanium watch will be £3,500.

The Goodwood Speed ​​Festival has been in operation since 1993. This is an annual mountain climb event that will avoid conflicts with the F1 calendar. This gives fans and drivers the opportunity to visit and enjoy the latest F1 technology that is usually feature–and a large number of historically important streets, racing cars. The crowd often holds more than 100,000 events for three days.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 42mm – McLaren Special Edition 30th Anniversary Brand for the first time with McLaren. Crafted from stainless steel, presented in “Rocket Red” and Black NATO, McLaren is a sporty and functional timer. With quartz movement, this watch clearly has outstanding accuracy and because of its engine, at a very reasonable £1200. It’s really an affordable way to buy a classic brand, a cross-industry relationship with a lovely souvenir.

Recording attendance 158000 In 2003, the organizers decided to limit enrollment to 150,000 – still a large number of viewers in one location. The show promises that all petrol is a healing head, with special examples, two and four wheeled speed machines on display, and the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival looks to keep the reputation of everything in the car.

The TAG Heuer Replica formula 1 senna special edition has two color designs, one of which is the above picture. At 43 mm, this watch is added in another range. The Senna Special Edition watch features quartz timing motion and will be priced at £1350. These two characteristics of the legendary bracelet. There will be a black/yellow color or a gray/red color. Senna’s name is called a rotating frame 12 to 2 o’clock. The tactile reminder of the best grace on the tarmac.

TAG Heuer will give visitors a chance to test their potential as a race driver, through a series of simulators, including two Gran Turismo simulators to climb the famous Goodwood Mountain, in addition to the driver’s club exclusive. The driver’s club GT simulator allows participants to set their own skills on the New York Times pit by professional drivers. The three major competitor station simulators and driver’s club simulators will take away a group of Fake TAG Heuer Watches accessories, which will definitely help you convince people that a “grid-kids” that are not well known are often present in any decent F1 gravel circuit. .

The watch will review and review the day aBlogtoWatch next week, but before the incident, Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches has released some teasing information and some pictures to stimulate appetite. As well as four models of the Elton-Senna celebration continuation ambassador’s post, there will be a limited edition McLaren timer commemorating the TAG Heuer’s 30-year long-term cooperation with automakers. There will be 5,000 available McLaren watches, and each individually numbered and featured special McLaren NATO with a border and black and red.

New watches are available for booking on the website, which you can find here. More details will be quick, but if you have a chance to make it a Goodwood Speed ​​Festival, the data is worth your time. If you can get a limited edition badge (see above) designed by Christoph, then all is better. One of the beautiful women, of which only 1550 people exist, will take you to the driver’s club and take your chances with the best drivers in the world.