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For many, many of TAG Heuer’s ambassadors are active in attracting brands, yet for others, these celebrities are unnecessarily disruptive. I have no disagreements with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz and many other label ambassadors, but that’s not why I’ve joined the brand.

I do not know if Miss DiCaprio or Diaz is a watch fan or if they know the clock … So seeing photos of them on label ads made me think the brand was just about the modern fascination with Hollywood The stars sell their watches together.

Hidden behind this spectacular scene is the fact that TAG Heuer has a long history of innovation in creating the finest timers. Recently, in the past several baselworld, the brilliant history of this measurement interval has been reproduced. In the past few years, TAG Heuer has introduced increasingly accurate timers that measure 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000, 1/5000 (or 1/2000) seconds Yes, all mechanical movement!

The latest version, Mikrogirder, may see that as a highly limited commercial version, like Mikrograph and Mikrotimer before it, nevertheless, recent TAG investment and R & D are lifting its brand and it is regaining its reputation in the watch world Reputation. One such early effort, as well as a cheaper timer, is the large Carrera Replica caliber 36 RS timer, which can measure 1/10 of a second with accuracy. It may be enough to meet the needs of more people (and finger response time).

The TAG Heuer Carrera caliber 36 RS caliper is a spectacular watch. It is 43 mm wide and 15.75 mm high. It is also quite heavy at about 190 grams. Its steel structure reminds you that this is a masculine tool that can be used for serious time tasks.

The main feature of the watch is 1/10 of a second, which comes from the TAG Heuer 36 movement. It is an improved version of the famous Zenith El Primero movement that runs at 36,000 bph, enabling it to measure these smaller intervals.


Like most of the two button chronographs, the label Heuer Best Grand Carrera Replica Watches caliber 36 starts with the top button. Start button has a reliable click feeling.

Long, shiny steel, the second hand moves on the microstep, while the one-third quadrant is one-third of a second (up to 30), while at 6 o’clock the one-third quadrant It’s time (up to 12 hours).

When engaged, the second push to the button above will stop timing. The second button resets the timer with minutes and hours.

However, what makes this big Carrera something special is a simple, but very useful, and easy to use caliper, which allows one to read a 1/10 second measurement from the dial. Imagine caliper as a physical magnifying glass for timekeeping.

It works like this: Once the stopwatch is stopped, you can move the caliper with a distinctive crown at 10 o’clock, which is decorated with a red stripe that gives the watch an imbalance A sense of instrumental feeling. This crown can move the calipers back and forth on the dial like an inner border.

Caliper is very simple, it has 11 numbers, marked 0 to 9, then 0 again. The first 0 is red, and there is a special red mark. With a 10 o’clock crown, you need to align the red mark of the caliper with the stop of the second hand. At this point, 1/10 of a second is indicated by finding the most suitable 10-second mark on the caliper.

The whole thing is very beautiful and precise. Undoubtedly, at the 2008 Grand Carrera Replica Prix, TAG Heuer won the first place in this field of sports watches.

I did all sorts of short and long measurements on a train from San Jose to San Francisco (and the middle stop) and then used the Big Carrera Caliber 36 and my Casio Pathfinder and my iPhone 4S. * Science * The results, shown in Tables 1 and 2, show that my TAG Heuer Carrera caliber 36 is accurate not only for seconds, but seems to deviate shortly from the 0.05 second Casio Pathfinder measurement and 0.15 seconds from my iPhone 4 s clock application Time measurement.

This is a good result if you explain that at the same time I put the error of the watch and the iPhone start button at the same time may have at least the same error of +/- 0.05 seconds on the same measurement deviation. As Ariel pointed out to me, I also realized that there are electronic machines that can accurately measure the accuracy of your timers, however, I do not have one and I do not intend to invest in one. Plus, it took me about an hour or so to gather together, and actually it was fun to use a chronometer … how much can I say your timer?

As I mentioned, this watch is 43mm in size and comes with a well-protected screw with a “Heuer shield” on a black sapphire crystal. Watch dial is black, there is a clear time stamp in the polished steel, the dial has mark seconds.

The dial is a groove and a second, smaller dial. Between any two second marks, the caliper moves a 1/5 second mark. The bezel is also polished steel, with a black tachy mark of one meter, which is discrete so it does not distract the user who does not care about the speed of the measurement.

At nine o’clock, it is a cut-off vertical bar that allows the black and red hands to see and move to show the current seconds. Although it is fun and gives an asymmetrical feel, it is useless and difficult to read because there is no indication that we will have a few seconds in a minute …

The black hand was shown for the first 40 seconds and the red for the last 20 seconds, which helped guessing games, but I found it just frustrated me as it was still hard to guess exactly what the second was. This action is not black, so this incision has a hand that always moves, I guess it tells you that the watch is running.

The accuracy of the timer is due in large part to El primero-based sports, a c.o.s.c-certified sport with a beat of 36,000 bph. From the back of the sapphire window you can see the beautiful movement.

Unlike most visible casebacks, TAG decided to split it into two different sapphire windows with the “Heuer” label and logo, the model name and number, and the watch’s unique serial number.

The automatically wound rotor is decorated with TAG Heuer names and logos and cut open for better display of movement, which itself is decorated with ruby, blue steel screws, and brass gears. The whole thing is impressive, but also makes people feel a solid instrument.

Although the watch weighs (0.43 pounds), it’s actually comfortable to wear on my 7.5-inch wrist. This is due to the steel bracelet, whose lugs start at 22 mm and narrow on the deployment collar, including two small push rods that make a satisfying click when opened and closed. This small button has a carved, flat, logo Heuer shield logo. It’s small, but easy to see, so you can quickly see where the belt is detached.

Steel strips alternately use polished and brushed links, and do not make better use of polished borders and time stamps. This combination allows the watch a little shiny appearance, though less fancy, but it can make people aware of its distance.

Although this watch is the most accurate mechanical timer I’ve ever had, its quick look makes you want to be part of the game, but it has some minor downsides. This watch is not intended to be used at night except for the useless seconds on the dial.

The dial is invisible at night. In a matter of hours and minutes, there is an ultra-thin, ultra-light emitting diode application that is barely visible to you within minutes of charging.

TAG Heuer produced four large Callaway caliber 36 calipers. Stainless steel reference, CAV5115. The BA0902 reviewed here, sold to a manufacturer for a suggested price of $ 9,500, a rubber band with steel, is referenced to the CAV5115. FT6019, and black PVD titanium with black leather or black rubber strap, refer to CAV5185. FC6237 CAV5185.FT6020.

The black version is slightly larger, the price is higher for $ 10,500, but not all are not limited edition, and their serial number is unique. All models are water resistant to 100 meters.

All models have a small red dial on the dial to indicate caliper, minutes and hours, and calipers. Overall, I am very satisfied with the TAG Heuer Fake Carrera Watches 36-second timer. It’s a super-precise timer and innovative (though it draws on a very classic concept) The 1/10 second Caliper reading works great and adds the overall look and feel of speed and speed, and the model And the label Heuer brand represents.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph Replica Watch For You

One thing we know is that more and more TAG Heuer Carrera models will contain TAG Heuer’s caliber 1887 movement which is produced in-house.This means that the Calibre 16 movement in most older Carrera Chronograph Cheap Tag Heuer Replica models will become harder to get as the Calibre 16 is more or less the ETA Valjoux 7750. The watch you see before you is pretty much an example of what I am referring to.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph 43mm Replica watch will come in four variants, and will be accompanied by the slightly more expensive TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Racing Chronograph 43mm watch that ups the ante with a black-coated titanium case. Each is of course 43mm wide and is all classic Carrera in design. Like I said, these particular dial designs are not new, but the slate gray sunburst dial versions are new.

It used to be that the 1887 equipped Carrera models were 43mm wide and the standard Carrera models were 41mm wide. But then last year TAG Heuer released 41mm wide versions of the Carrera with the 1887 movement. Now Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches seems to be replacing existing Carrera designs with versions that have the 1887 in them. The combination of TAG Heuer wanting to promote “in-house made” and the lack of 7750 movements available, we think it is safe to say that most of your Carrera Chronograph models in the future will have an 1887 in them. Aside from not including a day of the week function, the Calibre 1887 is a pretty good movement that isn’t necessarily inherently better than the 7750, but is a pretty darn nice chronograph caliber.

While a brand new Carrera for the 50th anniversary of the collection would be nice, the chances of that happening are slim. Why? Well because it would be silly for Fake Tag Heuer Replica Watches On Ebay to mess with a good thing. What they will likely do is continue to tweak the core product and make improvements. More hints lay here in this new collection. First of all the Carrera finally gets a ceramic bezel insert. Pretty much no one wants an aluminum bezel insert anymore when ceramic inserts have all the advanTAGes – namely in resisting scratches. People also tend to like their sheen and polish. Though matter finished ceramic is available. The new ceramic bezel is certainly a welcome improvement.