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TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Automatic Timer Compared To Carrera Heuer 01 Watch

I just visited the Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches website and I learned that at the time of this writing, there are currently 120 different TAG Heuer Carrera models available. These include the TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 automatic timer and the TAG Heuer Carrera TAG Heuer 01, which I will compare in this review. Yes, this number includes men’s (97) and women’s models, as well as all style changes, but in short, this is the choice of many Carrera watches.

As the most popular watch collection from Heuer in the early 1960s, the Carrera collection has a wide appeal. This means that the model is different in different situations (male is about 40 mm wide to 45 mm wide), with different movements, different complications, and different aesthetic styles. Another way to break the versatility of the Heuer Carrera watches is to create watches that celebrate the past with a more retro design and celebrate today’s watches with a more modern design.

For this review, it is a bit different from most observations about aBlogtoWatch. I want to compare two different tags, the Heuer Carrera model, which are very similar. These watches have the same case (width), similar movement and similar style of wear. Of course, each contains a large amount of TAG Heuer Carrera DNA, but all are expressed in a unique way. Moreover, the prices of these tables are very close. I can really see potential customers choosing between the two, so I think I can point out the difference between the two. At the end of the day, Heuer Carrera 1887 or Carrera Heuer 01 is not a winner or loser. Instead, it demonstrates the diverse consumer appeal that today’s TAG Heuer Replica Watches brands pursue.

I think you will find that the similarities between these two different TAG Heuer Carrera models are more compelling than their differences. You may also find that one of the watches is more attractive to you than the other, although they are very similar. This may prove how important small details are in the design of the watch, and how we as consumers make big purchase decisions based on very small features.

In this review, I want to pick two watches that I think are mainstream and celebrate the best products that Fake TAG Heuer Watches offers in the Carrera collection, which are mechanical movements built inside TAG Heuer. Each model has a healthy variant, so be sure to go to the TAG Heuer website to find models that are very similar to these models, with different dials, borders, straps, and in some cases, materials.

These two watches are Heuer Carrera’s 1887 automatic timer 43mm reference card 2a11. BA0799 and TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 automatic timer 43mm reference car201 . ba0714. The former model is a model with a grey dial, but TAG Heuer also produces an almost identical Carrera 1887 with an all-black dial (one of them), CAR2A10.BA0799.

Although these watches belong to the Carrera family and are currently produced by TAG Heuer Replica, they are almost identical in every respect – although they may be similar at first glance. The case, bracelet, dial, hand and movement are all different. I can’t think of how many watches are produced at the same time by a brand that is so similar but different – ​​it’s cool. The label of the Heuer Carrera 1887 is more often associated with the design of Carrera in the past and is likely to appeal to the classicist, while Carrera Heuer 01 is the most modern Carrera model family, representing the brand’s more avant-garde and younger side.

Speaking of TAG Heuer Carrera TAG Heuer 01, this special model is the most conservative in the family. Most of the TAG Heuer Carrera TAG Heuer has a skeletonized dial and a wild modern design. I think they are “baby Hublot Big Bang” watches – there are actually many reasons. This special TAG Heuer Carrera TAG Heuer 01 has no skeletonized dial and offers a special blended look between traditional and modern design. aBlogtoWatch gave a comprehensive review of the more modern TAG Heuer Carrera Howell 01.

The Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 can be used up to 45mm wide and 43mm wide – this model is a smaller 43mm wide case and may be more suitable for more wrists. I deliberately chose it because it is as big as the 1887 Heuer Carrera model. The height of these boxes is similar, but the Heuer 01 may be a bit thick. It also looks bigger because of its black ceramic border, while in 1887 there was a steel outer border with a black ceramic blade. In 1887, the dial may look bigger because the dial is thinner than the wider dial of the Heuer 01.

Each Carrera case is 100 meters waterproof and has sapphire crystals on it. Each of them has a sapphire crystal display case that can be seen moving. The finishing and design of the cabinet is the unique “Carrera” contrast brush and polished surface, as well as the iconic angular lug design of the Carrera collection. Although both models contain the classic DNA of TAG Heuer Carrera, there are many differences between them. The easiest way to see this is to look at the other side of the situation. The label Heuer Carrera 1887 is a more traditional solid line, while the lugs and middle cases of the label Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 are separated into different elements.

When looking directly at the watch, Carrera’s Heuer 01 version is more angular and aggressive than the slightly softer case in 1887. It’s a bit like comparing the aesthetics of Lamborghini and Ferrari. It should be noted that in 1887 the Heuer Carrera bracelet was actually wider than the Carrera Heuer 01 bracelet, which only slightly changed the appearance. In other words, both models have a three-link brushed and polished steel bracelet with a fold-out buckle that is very similar in design. However, all parts are unique.

Another reason I chose to compare the two watches is that they all use the classic Carrera chronograph watch dial with a black tint with a small red color and a baton/digital timing mark. This is a handsome young watch that has been the flagship product of the watch industry for 20 years.

The Carrera 1887 is more in line with the history of the Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches production stopwatch and offers a two-digit minute indicator chronograph. This provides a clear and easy to read mix, but traditional elegance is what people look for in classic horse racing watches or instruments. The standard 1887 model has a thinner hand-painted lume center (actually only lume dial), while my limited edition TAG Heuer 1887 Carrera Calibre co-chronograph Nendo (special limited edition Japan, I bought it because I like it) There is a unique set of red hands inspired by a 19th century clock. I really like my quirky limited edition watch, which is intended to attract the Japanese market…

Through the Carrera Heuer 01 series, TAG Heuer wanted to make what worked in the 1887 design (as a model earlier than Heuer 01) bolder and bolder to appeal to younger people. As I said, this special reference is unique because it is the most conservative label of the TAG Heuer Carrera TAG Heuer 01 model because its dial is more traditional and has no skeleton. Like the other Carrera models, it replaces the Arabic numerals on the dial pad, clocks the markers with large, applied batons (with glow), and pairs them with a larger pair of hands. For low-light field of view, Heuer 01 will win between these two Carreras, if its volume is super-light Nova. The TAG Heuer Carrera TAG Heuer 01 also has a more three-dimensional dial, allowing for thicker application elements such as hands and laps.

As a timetable, the two tables are the same, each with a 12-hour timetable and even a similar pointer. In fact, if these watches do have the same thing, it might be the pointer to the stopwatch and the pointer to the sub-dial. Another interesting detail is the previous generation of the TAG Heuer logo on the Carrera 1887, while the Carrera Heuer 01 has the latest generation logo. Other more retro-style TAG Heuer watches usually have a more retro “TAG Heuer” logo. Therefore, this also allows the brand to use a variety of different logos in the current series.

Part of Carrera’s design DNA is the red ring around the start and stop of the meter, and this is the recognition of Heuer’s racing stopwatch when he produced the stopwatch. Although the Heuer Carrera 1887 label has a slight hint of the stopwatch DNA for this design, Carrera Heuer 01 largely abandoned this because the design element uses a more futuristic theme, which I think uses Very good.

We finally talked about the movements of these two TAG Heuer watches, which are technically different but very similar. The cheapest Heuer Carrera chronograph currently in production consists of a 16-inch movement, which is actually a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph. There is nothing wrong with this movement, but if fans can choose, they prefer indoor sports. Thankfully, TAG Heuer has introduced some of the most fun and affordable of some of the internal sports.

For watches, the movement is so important that the names of the two Heuer Carrera chronograph models are distinguished by the movements they contain. The irony is that these actions are just different in appearance, each action has the same structure, performance, and of course functionality. So, whether you choose Carrera Calibre 1887 or Carrera Calibre Heuer 01, you get a good mechanical movement.

As I said, these moves are the in-house production of TAG Heuer and offer time, date and 12 hour timetables. Around the border is a tachometer scale that measures speed and is used with a timer. The action is performed at 4 Hz (28,800 bph) and has maximum energy reserve when fully wound for 50 hours. According to TAG Heuer, if the timer continues to run (as some people like to do), the energy reserve for these moves is 40 hours. The timer is more complex than the Valjoux 7750, and it is also very cost effective for a Swiss watch. The Calibre 1887/Heuer 01 is a spur gear operated timer with a vertical clutch transmission system. This allows the timer to operate more accurately at the beginning and stop – usually feels better when touched.

If you want to buy a sporty watch that is expensive and inspired by horse racing, and looks masculine, then Heuer Carrera will definitely appear on your list. The build quality is good and the level of detail is impressive. These watches TAG Heuer obviously have a lot of motivation to do the right thing, and their reward is to enjoy a good reputation among consumers. Having said that, many modern watch buyers have yet to find today’s Carrera watches. Antique collectors like the more historic Carrara watches, but I really think that for whatever reason, today’s too many contemporary watch buyers will not consider Carrara watches when choosing the timeless sports timing model. . I’m not sure why, TAG Heuer seems to be focusing on young people, focusing on “avant-garde” and “millennium” marketing, using a timer model like Carrera Heuer 01. This puts the Carrera 1887 and other models into a more “mature” category, although I think I should define them as more classic.

For a few days, I chose Carrera Calibre 1887 and some of my favorite Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 – so for me, every model is equally appealing. The problem is coming again, I know it is a particularly open type of watch wearer, I think that most consumers who like the TAG Heuer Carrera chronograph may be attracted to one direction or another – to the classic Directions 1887 or more contemporary directions TAG Heuer 01. The price of the watch is very similar. The price of this label is $ 5050, while the label Heuer Carrera Calibre, Heuer Carrera, Calibre Heuer 01 automatic timer 43mm is $5,150.

TAG Heuer MikroPendulumS Replica Watch: First Magnetic Double Tourbillon Hands-On

TAG Heuer MikroPendulumS Replica Watch just released, it looks like a technical roving exhibition. Finally, TAG Heuer has been able to perfectly integrate the concept of tilting magnetic escapement into a timepiece. The journey began a few years ago when TAG Heuer announced that it would escape the concept of escapement by combining the escapement with the balance spring.

If you are familiar with the basic internal working principle of the watch, you will know that the hairspring is a fine spiral or helical torsion spring used to control the speed at which the balance wheel swings. This tiny wire can be considered as the heart of a mechanical watch, the point being that it reverses the direction of the balance wheel, causing the power used to back and forth to adjust, and thus timing. Now it’s unprecedented to cancel everything and replace it with this all-new magnet, which is certainly a landmark of clocks. This Cheap Tag Heuer Replica did not prepare for the mainstream consumer, but it has arrived there, and is sufficient for this special limited edition products.

TAG Heuer’s magnetic pendulum system has the advantage of eliminating gravity, impact and deformation-related timing losses and ease of manufacture. However, the first major shortcoming of the system is that the magnetic field generated is still subject to temperature changes, hindering the performance of timekeeping. For this reason, TAG Heuer has been experimenting with new magnetic atoms, metal alloys, and carefully dimensioned and machined geometries for three years after Tag Heuer Replica Watches Carrera Pendulum. Basically, some high-tech stuff that normal people can not understand. All of this has resulted in the production of magnetic oscillators that are close to matching the highest quality traditional hairspring.

MikroPendulumS has basically the same main features based on MikroTourbillonS. The movement contains two separate power chains, a timing chain and a chronograph chain. The timing chain popular tag heuer replica watches tourbillon frequency of 4Hz, rotating once every 60 seconds, while the chronograph tourbillon 50Hz speed beating at the start of rotation, blistering 12 times per minute. However, such a speed can only provide 60 minutes of power reserve, but this is a forgivable limitation.

However, the main difference between MikroPendulumS and MikroTourbillonS is the housing and the overall design. MikroPendulmS moves the chronograph button to the top of the chrome and cobalt alloy case, the same type of case we saw on the Mikrogirder for the first time. 45mm wide swiss replica tag heuer watches, I’m happy to have chosen this case because it has become a hallmark of the TAG Heuer, recalling the shape of a vintage stopwatch.

Dial fine anthracite, chronograph sub-counter 12 points, chronograph second chronograph for 3 seconds, chronograph 9 chronograph. Pure rose gold jewelry including the Tuk Tuk Bridge and hands on the “100” clock.

This watch is a good evolution of all of the concepts that best tag heuer replica watches has shown us. Scientists, engineers and designers of TAG Heuer’s avant-garde senior watch studio’s 25-person team have made amazing achievements in watchmaking and made today’s MikroPendulumS.

However, this is just a concept watch at this stage and is currently not offered for sale. Then this is not entirely correct. fake tag heuer watches on ebay will make a small portion of the high-end collectors who are “brand friends.” They certainly do not have a reasonable price. A more convenient option is the MikroPendulum, a production chart that appears with MikroPendulumS.