TAG Heuer Carrera ‘Têtede Vipère’ Chronograph Tourbillon

Over the past 10 years and a half, the cost of luxury watches has been rising slowly and unstoppablely, but recently there have been some subversive pricing strategies. For example, Montblanc launched a “steel perpetual calendar” in 2014 that sells for only $12,800 (of course, “just” is relative, and $130,000 is undoubtedly a job for us. For people, this is a lot of trouble, but you still know it.) This year, Longines launched a calendar with annual revenue of less than $3,000. In 2016, Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches launched the Carrera Heuer 02T, a tourbillon timer that costs $15,950, which is very frankly stated by Patry Philippe’s Thierry Stern. “This is for me. A joke…” If they are willing to try to stifle the quality of Swiss products, I think their approach is good.

Like in some ways it may be caused by anger, however, the competition will have traditionally very expensive complications with lower and lower prices indeed making an interesting point that gives adequate economies of scale, and with modern manufacturing techniques, It can produce work, a reliable version of the traditionally extremely expensive complications – even shocking – with surprisingly low prices. You give up time-consuming manual completion, of course, you expect lower case complexity and dial quality, but at the current price of crafting superb (for example) three big (or four if you want Lange This alternative approach means that quite a few people can get into high complications today, impossible people five years ago.

In any case, the Tourbillon timer seems to stay here (although the price has risen to $17,000, I noticed; still low! Low! Price! According to modern standards, fine watchmaking. This year, TAG Heuer Replica Watches launched a A new version of the watch, which is a way to sweeten people, is not just a COSC cert for any ole’s factory; instead, these watches will be certified by an observatory in Besançon, France, from Switzerland. Jura’s northern border is not far.

Besancon once had a thriving watchmaking industry. At its peak, it employed more than 20,000 workers; now, only about 1,500 people work there in the watch industry. This is due to the quartz crisis. The most obvious is that In 1975. The observatories there, such as the Kew Observatory in the United Kingdom, and Geneva, are engaged in the chronometer’s certification work. This is still the case occasionally. The certification mark of the Besancon Observatory is still, the so-called Vipere, the head of Viper. In 1897, Besancon certified its first astronomical clock, a maritime astronomical clock, but withdrew from the industry in the 1970s; however, in 2006 it began to receive watch certifications. About 500 Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches were recognized as timers.

If you are not interested in the original design of 2016 – no matter how much interest you are in price – then Tete de Vipere is unlikely to change your mind; an open dial, ceramic bezela and case-case sports timer And tourbillon (of course, there is a bit of internal baseball timetable certification) does not call everyone on the roof to look at the table.

However, I would definitely say that on ceramics, I was very impressed with this implementation – the box is sharp, and the dial, although the design may arouse your anger, but it is as clean as a whistle. The wrist looks very fancy; an abnormal watch attracts me but another version of this year with Fake TAG Heuer Watches – much-argued-over Bamford Monaco, I like the cutting arm more than I think, I think Besancon The association is tidy. The test procedure sounds more or less the same as COSC; 16 days in Besancon and 15 in COSC (an astronomical clock is an astronomical clock), but why not a small terroir avec votre chronometre, n’s -ce pas?


The Swiss watch manufacturer Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches has been redefining its iconic appearance in recent years. The company’s chief executive Jean-Claude Biver has a glorious history of revival and modernization of old watch manufacturers, from Blancpain, then Omega, and more recently Hublot. Hublot’s large and avant-garde appearance, under his leadership, especially on the Carrera collection, especially when he celebrated his 55th anniversary this year, has begun under his leadership and began to slowly screen him. The brand’s latest peak is the Tete de Vipere timepiece (Tete de Vipere) chronometer (Tete de Vipere) is an example of this new style. It is characterized by a rare “Viper’s head” astronomical clock certification at the Besancon Observatory in eastern France.

When we think of astronomical clock certification, the most obvious institution that comes to mind is the Swiss company of Switzerland (COSC). But astronomical clock testing is not limited to COSC; other institutions, such as the “King Observatory” in London (previously known as the “Kew Observatory”) and the Glashutte Observatory in Germany, can also issue timing certificates for the movement of watches through a series of precision tests. The Bessecon Observatory in France may be the most unpopular and most uncommon astronomical test facility because of the scarcity of watches due to the fact that these watches use the “Tete de Vipere” or “ “Marked by the head of Viper.” This is the sign of the city of Besancon. According to TAG Heuer Replica Watches, only 500 watches have obtained this certification since 2006.

In addition, the “Tete de Vipere” certification is very similar to the COSC astronomical clock test; the watch is tested for 16 days at 5 locations and 3 different temperatures and must reach an average daily rate of -4 and +6 seconds, In line with the time. Unlike COSC, Besancon’s observation station tests the carded watch rather than a sleeveless movement to provide a more realistic wrist performance. Decided to have Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches Carrera’s Teide Vipere chronograph certified by the Obelisk of the Obelisk of the Abyssal Rotary Observatory of the Babylonian rotating mechanism may not exceed the exclusivity of trying to increase perception, but the bridge of the snake’s head symbolizes the movement is still a cool Elements of this watch come with an interesting story. This may even be an endorsement of the French culture of La Chaux-de-Fonds, where TAG Heuer is based on this culture; Switzerland’s third largest city is located entirely in the French-speaking region of Romandi.

The Tete de Vipere timepiece (Tete de Vipere) is a large 45mm watch that is wrapped around the brand’s latest trend – the human watch. The trend is consistent. The box and frame are made of blue ceramic. It can provide better scratch resistance to steel, but it is also very fragile. If it is strong enough, it will break easily. The caseback, putter and crown are all made of stainless steel. It is pvd-coated black and matches the matt black crocodile leather strap that includes a black rubber lining and blue contrast stitching. The water resistance is a very impressive 1 meter, which allows you to wear this watch while swimming (not many Swiss tourbillons can do).

Tete de Vipere Tete de Vipere Tete de Vipere Tete de Vipere skeleton dial display A very geometric and balanced bridge structure, all black pvd processing maintains the unity of the color scheme. The pride zone around 6 o’clock is the exposed tourbillon, reinforced with a blue bridge to increase visibility, drawing attention to the main features of this watch. At 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are tick counters that are plated, measuring time and time respectively. The hands and hands of the dial are also plated and filled with ultra-brightness to increase night-time legibility. A domed and anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal covers the surface — I personally prefer to use a flat crystal here to make the watch fit smaller and smaller under the shirt cuffs.

The Tete de Vipere chronograph designed for Heuer Carrera is the interior Heuer- 02t calibre. To date, it is still the cheapest Swiss-made Tourbillon timer on the market (if ” “Affordable” can be used on 15,000 CHF tags). This movement has an oscillation frequency of 28,800 vph (4 Hz), providing over 65 hours of energy reserve from a bucket and was first released by the brand in 2016, labelled Heuer Carrera Heuer- 02t (we comment here). The sapphire shell provides a nice view, it looks modern and industrial thanks to its black-treated bridge and baseplate, together with a skeleton of blue vibrating weight for the rotor.

At first glance, the timer of the Hetero Carrera’s time counter (Tete de Vipere) is not significantly different from the previous version of the brand’s Heuer- 02t calibre. The blue ceramic case and the Viper’s head logo are the only true highlights in the movement. The quantification of the connection is undoubtedly an element of the French Besançon Observatory which may attract potential owners through the existing Carrera Fake Tag Heuer Watches 02 t model, either from an exclusivity (there are fewer ‘Tade Vipere’ timers than the COSC in the world’s certification. (after all) or linked to the history of French watches. Tags Heuer Carrera ‘Tete de Vipere’ The Chronograph Tourbillon Chronometer is a limited edition 155 units priced at $20,400.