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TAG Heuer F1 S3 See Boarding Pass To Zero Gravity Flight

This fall, Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches will offer some unique things along with its f1 S3 tickets to see the outer space. Zero-gravity flights from Switzerland, in fact, but experience, the space for simulating weightlessness is definitely an excitement worthy of a special edition. Tag Heuer Formula 1 S3 is a modified version of the label for the black f1 chronograph, but the story makes a real argument for making this piece. The watch on the wrist will be the only valid boarding pass, and you grant access to your adventures away from the world. This is so cool, isn’t it?

TAG Heuer Formula 1 S3 is another space adventure brand. The third US manned space flight in February 1962 was the first time that astronaut and pilot John Glenn experienced the effects of zero gravity and surrounded the Earth three times on the “Friendship 7” spacecraft. On his wrist, Glenn wears a Fake TAG Heuer Watches, and the 2915 Hybrid’s amazing pocket chronograph combines the latest technology. TAG Heuer’s first chronograph appeared in 1882.

The Swiss Space System (S3) was established in 2012 to commercialize the idea of ​​zero-gravity flight. This term is used to describe the state’s lack of gravity caused by the body allowing them to float freely in space. In April of this year, Swiss Space Systems announced the purchase of an Airbus 340-300 to obtain its commercial flights.

The goal of S3 is to provide the public with the opportunity to experience the price of a unique zero-gravity environment. The aircraft is divided into three separate areas: VIP, insurance, or party. The first two categories – VIP and premium – only one TAG Heuer Replica Watches formula 1 visits S3 to see the boarding pass.

As mentioned earlier, TAG Heuer Formula 1 S3 is a custom version of the black space f1 quartz table 1 second second precise timing. Steel’s TAG Heuer Replica f1 S3 with titanium carbide coating, the region draws red from 12 to 5 points because of the 25-second weight loss experience.

The S3 logo is at 6 o’clock and the rubber strap will also be embossed with the S3 logo, although the caseback engraved with a chart depicting the flight path of the 45o angle aircraft. Naturally, the Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches f1 S3 table is included in the price of the ticket and the store will not be available. Although the VIP can only be requested at the price, we know that the party ticket area – not including the watch – costs 2,950 Swiss francs (about 3,000 US dollars), while the high-end cost is 7,500 Swiss francs ($7,600). Tickets for the 2016 zero-gravity flight have been sold out, so now start booking your next year’s experience.

TAG Heuer Mikrograph 100th Anniversary 2016 Chronograph

To commemorate the 1916 Mikrograph stopwatch, Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches announced the 100th anniversary of the new 2016 Mikrograph. This is the first Mikrograph for a few years we have seen, although it has the same impressive features, a new case and dial design management directly cites its 100-year-old lineage. The label will expand the cheap tourbillon and the elected Autavias, and it’s great to see them revisit the extremely complex and special Mikrograph platform.

Mikrograph, an idea, features the first stopwatch in its history, providing only the second resolution. The 2016 Mikrograph Sport 100th Anniversary Fish Head Layout (Crown and Placement 12 o’clock Promoter) and a unique double-section case allow the internal condition to be detached from the belt and lugs. Once detached from its wrist-borne platform, the TAG Heuer Mikrograph 100th Anniversary watch can be mounted on a table stand or dashboard for further use of the stopwatch.

On the wrist, the steel-cased TAG Heuer Replica Mikrograph 100th Anniversary is a 45mm wide long oblique lug with a thin bezel and a wide white dial. The design of the dial is inspired by the 1916 Mikrograph stopwatch and offers powerful legibility, black imprint, and French blue hand length. The chronograph function measures up to 30 minutes, the one-minute counter is on the 12th at the 3 second counter, and the surrounding scale crosses the outer edge of the dial, reading only seconds from the long center. Standard hours and minutes, at 9 o’clock we also found a power reserve indicator and date display at 4:30. Further to the 1916 stopwatch, the 2016 TAG Heuer Mikrograph 100th Anniversary Big Onion Crown on the 12th, I think it will be a treatment when using a make-up power reserve.

All of these high speed features are made up of a very impressive sport with two balances, a normal 4 Hz (28800 vph) balanced time, and a 100 hz chronograph 360000 (vph) balance. Mikrograph sports COSC certification, using about 62 jewels, can count 90 minutes or 42 hours of time. The 90-minute autonomy of the chronograph is due to the huge energy needs to be met, measuring only its super-fast heartbeat.

Despite the relatively small number of versions they have ever done, the Mikrograph family seems to line up a component of such a Fake TAG Heuer Watches. Its hybrid performance, heritage and eye-catching design are such a powerful fit label. The 100th anniversary of the 2016 TAG Heuer Mikrograph will be priced at $21,000 this fall. If you want to exercise this old-fashioned aesthetic and avant-garde super-fast watchmaking industry and act quickly, TAG Heuer Replica Watches produces only 100 cars.