TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Replica Watches Hands-On

The first watch trade show, let Jean-Claude Biver in TAG Heuer as “temporary” CEO, one of his most important new products this year is Cheap Tag Heuer Replica. I think the origin of this watch, its purpose, I see it, and how it will affect the TAG Heuer brand as a whole is worth talking about, because without any discussion, I do not think it’s most people’s products will understand.

Let us return to the early twenties of the twentieth century, when Jean Claude Beaver had sold him to sell the white board to the Swatch Group and was eager to do something new. He bought the Hublot brand, which was originally founded in the early 1980s. As Tag Heuer Replica and Biver will Hublot into a speculation machine, it became a powerful watch company, and later sold it to the LVMH large luxury goods group. Jean-Claude Biver not only sold Hublot to a large team, but also left, but as chief executive officer, continue to serve as operators, continue to develop the brand.

In the end, Jean-Claude Biver wanted to slow down a bit and switched to chairing Hublot and installed his long-time second person Ricardo Gaudalupe as chief executive officer. When people think Jean-Claude Beaver wants to retire to enjoy his success and cheese making, he decides to oversee LVMH’s entire tabulation operations, including Yu-ship, zenith and TAG Heuer. Strangely enough, this does not include the Louis Vuitton watch company or Bulgari.

As the strategic leader of the LVMH watch department, Mr. Biver enjoys a very interesting job, without any official position, or even no ownership – which in fact means that he also spent a lot of time doing the cause. One of his duties is to help Tag Heuer Replica Watches, which was originally purchased for the sake of the legacy of his young consumers. However, TAG Heuer but because of a series of reasons began to give up its entry-level Swiss luxury brand’s strong position, and rising. Facts have proved that in the long run, the business is quite bad, and TAG Heuer decided to “return to the root causes.”

TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 01 at least part of it – my feeling is that it answered the question that Mr. Biver was asked for a long time. “Can you build a cheaper big bang?” Like it or not That’s what I can guess Is part of the recent future development of Cheap Replica Watches. So is Jean-Claude Biver doing so successful in Hublot? Two important things in my opinion. The first is to create a lot of people around the world interested in the news to understand the brand, followed by the creation of exciting contemporary luxury watch design visual charm and male watches. Again, not all of this has won the praise of Mr. Biver from the traditional watch industry, but his success itself is to speak.

Let’s take a look at TAG Heuer Caliber Heuer 01. What you need to know is that in the structure it is more or less the existing internal production of the TAG Heuer caliber 1887 automatic chronograph movement. However, it has been distorted by some, and has given some new colors and becomes Replica Watches. It will not replace 1887, but just add some spices, it starts with the model 2015 TAG Heuer Caliber Heuer 01 watch.

They hope that contemporary modern technology is a lifestyle indicator. They want a cheap traditional watch, they want a brand to participate in something related to them, they do not want a tell them what, but give them the choice of the brand. It is entirely possible that I am reading what Jean-Claude Biver has done in Cheap Tag Heuer Replica, but after meeting with him, see the new products of TAG Heuer products for 2015 and explore their upcoming partnership and event plans It all seems quite clear to me.