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TAG Heuer Monza Watches Re-launched Action

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Monza model, Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches has introduced a model similar to the original model. This distinctive PVD black racing timer was born in 1976 to celebrate the victory of Ferrari in the Formula One race in 1975. Although the Monza brand has come and gone over the past 40 years, its original design is most closely related to Monza’s name. In 2016, TAG Heuer commemorated the design with a striking new model that echoed the original Monza style.

At first glance, the new label Heuer Monza is very similar to the original label, but there are many differences between the two. Regardless of the old and new, Tiger’s idea is correct, and the 40th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Replica Monza is definitely a bright spot. There is a new 42mm case and border shape, rendered in titanium, and the border is flanked polished, while the case and the top of the frame are brushed. Much like the original, the propulsion unit and the crown are in bare steel. Unlike the original, Crown and Twitter are now in the same camp due to the internal caliber 17 movement.

The dial is also very different from the original dial, with the same function (date, 30 minute register, sub-second), but its symmetrical dial design is easy to distinguish. For the new label Heuer Monza, the dial is symmetrical, the sub-dial is the opposite of the original dial, and the 30-minute scale of the red accent is 9 points instead of 3 points. The phone and date display are still very similar, the internal pulsation scale is the same as the original design, and the brand is the same. The new TAG Heuer Replica Watches Monza is beautiful and clear, but it is similar in charm to the original, and it also loses a peculiar thing that I appreciate.

The result of the new label Heuer Monza design is that its appearance is easily recognized as a Monza while still providing a nice updated look and feel. On the watch, the Fake TAG Heuer Watches Monza feels great, just like the Oris 65 watch. On the Oris 65 watch, you can instantly think that you are wearing a retro watch. Although the details reveal the age-old design style borrowed from the original, the effect can still cause people’s instinctive reaction – I immediately liked the new label Heuer Monza.

The function is provided by TAG Heuer’s caliber 17 automatic chronograph, basically ETA-2894-A2. The module operates at 4 Hz, uses 37 gems, provides 38 hours of power reserve, and has a cam-driven timer. On the new Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches Monza, this hemispherical sapphire crystal has a double-sided scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating that is 100 meters waterproof.

Fortunately, although the new version of TAG Heuer Monza is a limited edition, it is unrestricted in any case and will be available at a retail price of $5,250. I appreciate the fact that the new label Heuer Monza is not a direct copy of the original version, and it can be said that it has improved the design in several ways. Although I publicly expressed doubts about the need for more and more “retro style” designs, I am still happy to use crows for more watches, such as the new TAG Heuer Monza.

TAG Heuer Otvia Watches Will Be Unveiled At The TAG Heuer Summit In 2017

The two-day Heye Tibetan Summit was held on Monday, September 12, 2016 at the TAG Heuer headquarters in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. This is the second of a similar summit in 2013 to invite some collectors to exchange ideas, exchange experiences and, most importantly, share their beauty before 1985. Just this time, enthusiastic collectors joined the press. Why? You may have noticed that under the leadership of Jean-Claude Biver, the Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches brand is changing. A department of this historic watch manufacturer will be positioned in the past to continue to focus on traditional models, and another department will pay attention to today and pay attention to modern culture. In other words, the brand intends to attract new fans while serving existing fans.

A highlight of the Heuer Collectors Summit is the soft release of the TAG Heuer Autavia watch, which will be released in 2017. This watch was released on the “Autavia Cup” debuted in March 2016 at aBlogtoWatch.

The summit included a visit to the factory in La Chaux de Fonds, the bag factory in Cornol and the sports factory in Chevenez. During our visit to the main manufacturing process, we saw different stages of watch assembly and they became more and more mechanized (efficient). In this special tabulation stage, I personally do not miss the aspect of “physical labor”, nor do I think that automation is the “class B” of “real” watchmaking. In fact, the opposite is true: the higher the degree of industrialization, the lower the manufacturing cost and the more accurate the final product. In other words, if done well, it means higher quality and higher output. The result (as promised by CEO Jean-Claude Biver) is a cheaper price and a better impression on behalf of the end customer. In my opinion, this goal is achievable.

The TAG Heuer Replica Watches Collector Summit is also an opportunity to try out some of the watches in the pre-event models like Carrera Mikropendulum and Carrera Mikrograph responsible for the deviation of the watch brand’s target audience, but in itself is a great development – – in most cases, gave up. According to reports, the TAG Heuer watch industry has died. Although people’s attention is not so concentrated, it is not entirely correct. After all, don’t forget the new Carrera-Hale-02 tto Billion watch.

For me, the most interesting part of the Heuer Collectors Summit was to visit the restoration room, where the director explained the different procedures for repairing antiques. I saw a beautiful harvester ready to be repaired and even put on a director’s watch. However, the most striking thing in the room is a safe filled with thousands of turntables taken out of the discontinued model, which guarantees repairs in the next few years.

The spiritual “father of the brand”, Jack Heuer, was also present. He wore his Carrera 80 on the wrist of Jack Heuer, “Luck or Destiny?” This is the special edition of his 80th birthday in 2012, and the watch he wore when he interviewed him here. It seems that he found a guard.

The strange thing about the summit is that so many journalists, especially online journalists, have attended an event that doesn’t usually cause much repercussions in the media. So, we asked ourselves why we were invited to a collectors’ summit. The answer came after we visited the new label TAG Heuer Replica 2017.

If you remember, last March, the TAG Heuer label launched a campaign to “elect” the new Otvia. After three rounds of public online voting, the final winner was the Autavia Reference 2446 Mark 3, also known as “Rindt” Autavia. We learned at the Heuer Collectors Summit that these collectors were also consulted during the campaign and voted for a manual timer with no date. Well, contrary to their proposal, the new label Fake TAG Heuer Watches 2017 will be equipped with an automatic movement and a 6′ clock date window, because, as we were told in the demo, consumers prefer these features. Let us assume that in the final version, the date numbers on the disk will be correctly positioned.

Having said that, TAG Heuer’s CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, told me that they didn’t want to copy the manuscript because it would devalue the manuscript and lose legitimacy. So, what is the real reason behind the new Autavia configuration? The price of making a tribute is very expensive, because first, TAG doesn’t do manual timing, and it doesn’t fit the old brand concept that has been restored today. And this idea has never been elitist. So I think both methods make sense. For most modern TAG Heuer enthusiasts, the most exciting thing is the movement inside New Ottavia.

The diameter of this box is 42 mm (originally 38 mm), although the thickness of this box has not been determined, because the caliber has not been completed, but it should be 15 mm thick. After the official release of Baselworld in 2017, we will have enough time to look at this watch carefully, but we know that this watch will be equipped with the new Heuer-03 caliber, which is the unfortunately lost direct descendant of the CH80 caliber. Originally named Caliber 1969 in 1969, it was later named CH80 and made its debut on the Carrera CH80 watch that died in a car accident in 2014. If you can look through the date window, this watch is very cool and can be delivered with a belt or a metal bracelet.

In general, the Heuer collector summit, which has become accustomed to the mysterious nature of the watch industry, is open to the media, and we have seen a watch that will not be available in the next six months. It’s refreshing. But let’s not be too naive: there is a very clear explanation behind the invitation. The idea is to create as much sensation as possible on the release of Autavia to stimulate the appetite of Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches fans. This reminds me of how Apple “forgets” before Starbucks launched the iPhone prototype – basically a free ad. Having said that, we still hope that TAG can produce enough inventory to meet demand, unlike the scarcity of other brands. Scarcity is indeed an asset, but it can quickly become a liability.

The price of Heuer Autavia will be very good, as the leather strap at 4,800 Swiss francs (4,800 Swiss francs) and the 4,950 Swiss francs (4,800 Swiss francs) of the Milan steel bracelet are expected to be very attractive. This is probably the price you bought today for a Valjoux 7750 movement watch, but in this case, you get a cool new antique timer with a movement.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 Ring Master Muhammad Ali Watch

TAG Heuer gave a healthy vaccination for Who’s Who at the famous Gleason’s Boxing Gym, allowing them to break through the latest version of the cover, which may actually It is more niche than what this grand event suggests. The TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 5 Ring Master Muhammad Ali is based on a chronograph of the 50’s Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches. Its rings are interchangeable, making it ideal for a three-minute time in a boxing match.

You see, the interest of Jean Claude Beaver Boxing World is very clear to release the power of the King of Thunderbolt to knock down the World Boxing Council look back in 2012, and then the charity auction, presented a cool The multi-million dollar white blood cell pension fund to support the retired boxers, in view of this, TAG Heuer Replica Watches marching into the boxing field is certainly a surprise.

Muhammad Ali, the ring master of TAG Heuer Replica Carrera, has nothing special to attract, but if you don’t need a limited edition ring, you can see it here. 43mm wide stainless steel case, black creamy white dial, adjustable inner track showing 3 minute intervals, this new product looks stronger than sharp edges; especially compared to other Carrera models like heur – 02t (with comments here) or this highly controversial Nendo limited edition. Inside the box is the label Heuer caliber 5, which should actually be based on the three-handed Sellita SW200.

Less subtle details include a minute index that resembles a stopwatch every five minutes at the mark – these are some large, super-contrast numbers – and the portrait with the very handsome portrait of Ali on the back completes the subject. This is a minor off-balanced label repertoire, though not too far. Carrera’s case is indeed a straight, straight, straight-round frame from the line. The extra 10 o’clock crown and index and hand are expected to be more in line with the brand we are used to seeing.

The boxing of TAG Heuer Carrera, the boxer of Muhammad Ali, is like this: the heavyweight boxing match used to be 15 rounds (now 12 rounds), each round of 3 minutes, each The wheel is separated by 1 minute. This new piece has 15 parts, so it matches the dial of the 1957 Master of the Rings. All you have to do is rotate the 15-section flange ring with a 10 crown and align it with the points. Just like the inner diver’s bezel, watch the minute hand sweep along the chapter, marking the passing of each round. .

If you have a keen observation of the details, you will notice that there is a gray-white ring on the outside of the dial, not one, but two. This is because the amateur/women’s boxing match is only two minutes (not three minutes), so this new project, like the old one, can also be used for timing.

Take a step back and you’ll see that this introduction of products into the niche life is exactly what Jean Claude Biver is good at. TAG Heuer’s f1 special edition (fairly speaking, is a good-looking consideration of its target audience), Zenith El first skeleton to the Rolling Stones, not to mention a ridiculous “limited” version in Hengbao from custom shoemaker Berluti to The genius tattoo Maxim Buchi sang blue and he did a unique job, putting his supervised LVMH brand in a high-profile position in various industries to help drive sales… yes, mainly those are not collections Home and lovers.

With this in mind, Biver didn’t ignore TAG Heuer’s hardcore fans – in fact, we were more spoiled than a long time ago, and gold Heuer was updated more frequently. The question is, will the niche, non-traditional version reduce the interest of watch enthusiasts in popular new products, such as the stunning Monza reprint (where there is practice), some of Carreras, and even Houtter. Haute horlogerie products, such as the new 100th second mechanical chronograph – Mikrograph? No, I don’t think so. It’s just that these two roles—the degree of mismatch with TAG Heuer’s versatile brand—are not too big—and must coexist peacefully, as these buyers will continue to operate Fake TAG Heuer Watches as this industry-wide recession continues.

Going back to the event at hand, the most significant component of the evening event (the reason for a lot of boxing gymnasium in Brooklyn on a Tuesday night), is the “one-of-one” gold Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches Carrera caliber 5 ring master Muhammad Ali timer sitting In the center of the room is an auction at night. The auction includes a signed and certified Ali boxing glove that attracts quite a few bidders. All sales revenues flowed to the Ali Center. When the hammer fell, the pure gold watch earned a net profit of 88,000 US dollars (not less than JCB himself). In the evening, Tage saved a total of $119,000 for the center, hoping to help the center’s many educational programs each year.

Now, it seems that one topic that everyone is talking about is the timing of this partnership. Just as people want to shoot at Biver, after Ali’s death, I won’t throw stones so quickly. The cooperation with Ali, who was very respected and admired by Beaver, was written before his death, and he first saw the dawn before and after his death. After discussing this issue, it was decided to postpone the release time by 6 to 8 months, which seems a bit quick for some people, but this line may be a bit arbitrary. In any case, this is by no means the first rodeo competition between Tiger and the athletes. Whether you like it or not, when it starts to appear in boutiques, it is more like a success than a failure in boxing fans. The TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 5 Ring Master Muhammad Ali watch costs $3,000.