Back To Black With The Cheap Replica Heuer Monza Chronograph

Cheap Replica Heuer Monza‘s retro-looking vintage model was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original release of the same name. More about the legendary history of this watch after the jump, but now it only takes a moment to marvel at the coolness of this bad boy in the 70s.

Because of its bold sporty appearance, this watch made a deep impression at the time. The Tag Heuer Replica Watches Online adopts an all-black cousin-shaped case, inspired by the early Heuer watches in 1925, with contrasting red markings and a chronograph dial, which can be recognized at a glance on the wrist.

Its 39 mm steel case is equipped with a chronograph movement, and is equipped with a pulse meter and tachymeter scale to ensure that its racing pedigree is impeccable. This is also the first time the word high quality tag heuer copy watches appears on the dial of a watch. To call it a trendsetter at the time might be an understatement.

Forty years have passed, and the original watches are still as fashionable as they were then, which is why TAG Heuer usa clone watch has been loyal to its design. Of course there are some notable upgrades. First, the iconic cousin-shaped case has been strengthened to 42 mm, and it is now made of grade 5 titanium instead of steel. Similarly, a large amount of titanium carbide coating gives it an unremarkable matte black appearance.

It is worth mentioning that the new Heuer Monza Chronograph is also equipped with a pulse meter and tachymeter scale, which are important elements of the previous reissue. The dial also looks very much like the iconic model from 1976, even with the same font. The color scheme is the same as above, almost unchanged, using the original TAG Heuer best clone watches swiss logo.

The Heuer Monza Chronograph is equipped with a 17 self-winding movement, a chronograph with two counters at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and a date function. The screw-in back cover is numbered and bears the historic HEUER logo engraved with a red lacquer finish.

What completes the appearance is the full-grain black calfskin “Super Racing” strap. According to TAG Heuer knockoff watches for men, it is reminiscent of the three-spoke steering wheel design on racing cars at that time. Anyway, it looks pretty cool.