TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Time Machine Nendo Japan Limited Edition Watch

Have you ever wondered if a modern, iconic chronograph watch looks like it? No? Is it? Well, TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Time Machine Nendo Japan Limited Edition (Nendo Japan Limited Edition) provides answers to this fascinating question.

If you are like me, you have heard of Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches, but I still don’t know Nendo until now. Don’t worry, because we will soon discover that in the past 18 years, the Tokyo-based design company has been designing shoe stores, designing graphics and advertising, all the way to a series of products – including watches. Engaged in this work. So, in one of its newest businesses, Nendo has created a cool TAG Heuer Carrera caliber 1887 collaboration time machine Nendo Japan Limited Edition with TAG Heuer, using a set of highly unusual red hands instead of with but strange Reminiscent of those too big, but the strange thing is that the scary sword is thrown in a malicious Japanese anime cartoon character.

Nendo explained that its concept is to “give people a small”! This moment makes our days so interesting and so rich. In the sequel, why do we want to rebuild the daily collection and reinvent it into something that is easy to understand in the shackles. Our ʼdʼve people collaborated to meet these Nendo 设计 design feelings these small! Intuitive moments. ”

Well, for the fans of TAG Heuer Replica Watches Carrera, these bold, red-hot hands are not just “small”! “Instant” as a dial, so the overall appearance of this classic Carrera has changed a lot. To be frank, at first glance, I thought I would see a rare limited edition watch for some Japanese manga or animated performances, but it turns out that Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Time Machine Nendo Japan The concept of a limited edition watch is very different. Nendo wants to reinterpret Carrera’s design with an image: “Going to a local watch manufacturer to repair the clock, I found that the proprietress mistakenly put a pair of clock hands on an antique watch.”

Known as the “Time Machine”, this version of Carrera is a bit like the legacy machine MB&F (practice), where there is a unique blend of modern and traditional design elements – apparently, the MB&F-specific legacy of the executive machine collection is more comprehensive and cooperative But Nendo’s method is certainly also a very interesting and fascinating and unexpected modern icon.

Nendo took advantage of this retro theme to make the watch box look like an old book with a smaller Fake TAG Heuer Watches case and a red bookmark and paper knife, both designed to mimic the watch’s hands. design. Although we have seen it many times in other places before, there are some extra things that mimic the specific design elements of the watch is a good idea, and it would be great if you can often encounter it.

Last but not least, this watch is also equipped with a glass clock frame, hand-crafted in an antique jar. With this old book, the red tool and the jar that covers the watch, you can really replicate the atmosphere of the old workshop and the lab – however, all of this is more wearable and functional with the 21st century. Modern chronograph watches are relevant.

Except for the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Time Machine Nendo Japan Limited Edition, all other elements remain the same, so the 43mm wide steel case, black ceramic frame, black dial and steel bracelet are all Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches standard models. This means that you do get a very unusual mix of Heuer Carrera DNA, as well as a unique twist, thanks to a pair of hands that seem to be thought of afterwards or uniquely modified…

However, the time machine is not the case, because the 1887 time machine Nendo Japan limited edition is exclusively sold by TAG Heuer Replica in Japan, with a limited edition of 250 pieces and a price of 550,000 yen. This is about $4,600, which is a negligible premium compared to the local price of 525,000 yen for the same mobile phone that normally uses the baton. If you like the look and have the opportunity to pick up one in Japan, you probably don’t want to think too long, because this might become a cool and rare collection, and you don’t even need to spend more to get one.