TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Carbon Fiber Watch

It’s a little unbelievable. After so many years, this is the first hands-on article we completed with the famous TAG Heuer V4. It just shows that cool watches can pass cracks (although the video in this article comes from a glimpse of what we did in 2012). If you don’t know, Monaco V4 was originally a concept watch designed by Jean-Francois Ruchonnet for TAG Heuer in 2004. Since we wrote this in 2014, I think this is the 10th anniversary of the birth of the watch. Having said that, TAG Heuer Replica Watches is not close to releasing the watch (many belts are used instead of gears in the movement) until a few years later.

Specifically, five years. Designers in the watch industry such as Ruchonnet are undoubtedly gifted and inspirational, but are often known for providing “incomplete projects.” From a technical point of view, this means that his Monaco V4 plan for TAG Heuer Replica does not apply to working hours. No matter what credit is attributed to him, it is necessary to adjust the concept of TAG Heuer itself in order to invest resources in the research and development necessary to make the car theme movement really work. Nonetheless, all the effort required to turn the Monaco V4 into reality will help create a new high-end segment at TAG Heuer.

Even with a concept in 2004, the Monaco V4 is still a very cool look. The movement is designed to model automotive engines in several ways. One of the most ambitious elements is the use of a transmission belt instead of a conventional metal gear for the components of the movement. Transmission of power through the belt seems to be sufficient, but it turns out that Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches is very difficult to ensure reliability and timing performance. Finally, TAG Heuer succeeded, and the Monaco V4 was actually considered a fairly accurate watch.